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What information can be seen on the dashboard?

Have you created an event website and do you want to see the most recent registrations at a glance? Or have you set limits and want to see how many places are still available? This information can be found on the dashboard.

When you open your event site, you will automatically be taken to the Dashboard. Here you can see the following useful and current information:

  1. Recent registrations: View the most recent registrations for your event. Would you like to see the full guest list? Then click on the button View all registrations.
  2. Limits: Here you can see an up-to-date overview of the Filters and Limits you have set and the number of places still available. This overview is divided into two types of limits:
  3. Sitemap: An overview of the pages you have created. Click on the button View all pages to edit pages/take them offline/… .
  4. Information about the event website: Do you want to know how many emails you have already sent within your event? Then click on Logs under E-mail credits. Or do you want to check how long your event website will remain online? You can find this information via End date.

Practical tip
An event website is online/available for 6 months. Should this duration be extended due to circumstances? Contact us via support@halito.com

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Last updated

23 November 2022

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