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How do I set limits on sections?

Are you organizing an event that takes place on different days or where multiple sessions are offered? Set a limit on the number of guests that can register for each day or session.
  1. Go to Registration > Registration Form > Filters
  2. Click on the Add button
  3. Enter an internal name and a text for the event website
  4. Enter a limit and optionally a price
  5. Select the filter type Simple filter
  6. Select based on which form field the number of available places should decrease
  7. Select whether the option should be blocked or hidden once the limit is reached
  8. Select – based on which answer/choice – the number of available places should decrease
  9. Select whether the number of available seats (and any price) should be displayed
  10. Click on the Save button
Practical tip
If you have used a quantity field in the registration form, you can choose when setting a filter whether the calculation should take place once or based on the number that a participant enters during registration. For example, if you ask how many people someone is present with, you choose to calculate the filter based on this number in order to calculate the limit correctly.

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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