Halito! Academy

Get to know the possibilities of Halito! step-by-step and create the perfect customer event journey

Our smart training program

Preparation for training

Based on a handy template, you prepare yourself to get started with your first event website.

Level 1: Learn the basics

Watch the 'Get started' training videos to learn the basics of Halito! and create your first event website.

Level 2: Discover more features

During a training at your location, we look at the result of your event website and you discover extra features.

Level 3: Make the most of Halito!

Now that you know Halito!, we'll teach you everything about Halito! and make efficient use of all possibilities.

Benefits of the Halito! Academy

Meet our experts

The Halito! Academy is personal, so that you gain the confidence to get started yourself


Thanks to her experience in helping Halito! users set up their event communication, Dana has the right solution for every question. She likes to share her knowledge, so that you can realize optimal event communication.


Getting the maximum result from your event communication is Raf's challenge. He likes to share his expertise and experience during training sessions, so that you can use it to take your event communication to a higher level.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, that’s not necessary. The Halito! Academy is a handy way to quickly get to know the (basic) functionalities of Halito!, but you can also discover the possibilities yourself.

If you still have a question, we have 200+ help articles, 75+ videos and of course you can always contact us. Or still follow a training :)

No, that is not always necessary. Together we look at which levels are relevant to achieve the (strategic) objectives of your events.

That is possible. The Halito! Academy offers sufficient flexibility to meet your specific wishes. Please contact us if you want to put together a custom training program.

Our experience shows that the best result is achieved when a maximum of 6 colleagues participate in a training at the same time. This allows Dana or Kevin to give everyone enough personal attention.

The best way to discover Halito! is to get started yourself. The training courses are therefore very interactive. A feature is explained on the basis of a concrete practical example, after which you get started using it yourself.

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