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How do I track the status of all emails?

View the status of sent e-mails and check whether all e-mails have been delivered correctly so that you can make adjustments where necessary.

Search the Log

  1. Go to Logbook > Email & SMS
  2. Search by (a combination of) type, status, category and/or email address
  3. Click on the Search button

Insight into the information

  • Click on to see the email campaign as it was sent
  • Click on for details of all statuses. The possible statuses are:
    • Processing: the e-mail is being created and presented to our mail server
    • Processed: the email is ready to be sent on our mail server
    • Delivered: the email was successfully delivered to the recipient’s mail server
    • Opened: the email was traced as open
    • Not accepted: The email was not accepted by the recipient’s incoming mail server
    • Delayed: The email was temporarily not accepted by the guest’s incoming mail server. The guest has not yet received the email at this time. We will try to deliver the e-mail several times during 72 hours.
    • Excluded: The guest’s email is on our list as a blocked email. The guest did not receive the email.

Good to know
Opening an email is based on downloading the images in the email. Because not everyone automatically downloads images, the number of emails actually opened may differ from the number shown in this report.

Practical tip
You can follow up the sending of specific e-mail campaigns via the mailing list.

Any questions left?

We think it’s important that your questions are answered properly. So feel free to contact us.

Last updated

9 February 2022

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