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Should I ask guests if they are attending?

Asking the question whether someone is present at the event in the registration form may sound logical. However, asking that question has a number of consequences.


Guests who indicate not to be present:

  • Receive the same automatic confirmation email as guests who do attend
  • Are counted in the total limit
  • Will be asked to pay the participation fee
  • Have the same status as guests who are present (confirmed or completed)


  1. Go to Register > Registration Form> Access
  2. Allow guests to decline the invitation
  3. Click on the Save button
  4. Add a new campaign or click on  to edit an existing email campaign
  5. In the editor, go to Personalize > Links or Buttons > Decline
  6. Send the emailcampaign or click on the Save button
Practical tip
It is also possible to offer guests the option of canceling their registration. In the following help article, Dana explains how to do this:

How does a guest cancel his/her registration?

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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