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How do I set up the registration form?

The registration form is the basis of the event website. Invitees register for the event via this form, so make sure that the flow is structured and the necessary settings are applied.
  1. Go to Registration > Registration Form
  2. Under Type, choose whether guests register themselves or whether you offer group registrations
  3. Select the desired features and click the Confirm button
  4. Go through the steps of the registration form
  5. After setting up the automatic confirmation email, click on the button Complete Wizard
  6. If no problems were found, click the button Complete Wizard
  7. Finally click on the button Test registration process

Good to know
When activating a group registration, you first add form fields for the registrant (the person entering the registration) and then separate form fields for the event guests.

Practical tip
In the following help article, Dana explains how to set up the registration form:

How do I set up the registration form?

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Last updated

7 November 2022

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