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How do I import a guest list?

Import guests so that you can send them a personal invitation and let them register for your event.
  1. Go to Contacts> Registrations
  2. Click on the Add button
  3. In the pop-up screen choose:
    • Add manually: To add guests one at a time
    • Import: To bulk import guests using a .CSV file
    • Invitees: When the guest(s) should receive an invitation
    • Registrations: When the guest(s) already registered (via an external tool)
  4. Does your guest list contain a unique value (such as a CRM ID) or do you want to overwrite existing data, select the option Use a unique value
  5. Click on the Choose file button and select the file on your PC or laptop
  6. Check the box next to ‘These invitees expect to hear from us because of the relationship we have with each other or by having actively agreed to be contacted by us.’
  7. Click on the Next button
  8. Match the columns from your guest list with the form fields in Halito!
  9. Click on the Next button
  10. The import will be performed
Practical tip
If guests were not imported, you have the option to export the guests that could not be imported so that you can fix the errors and import the guests again. In the following help article, Dana explains how to do this:

The upload of my guest list was (partially) unsuccessful

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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