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How can participants also invite their network?

Do you want event participants to be able to invite their network as well? Add the tell-a-friend functionality to your event communication and use participants as ambassadors for your event.

Before you start

Activate the tell-a-friend feature

Set the number of invites per guest

  1. Go to Registration > Registration Form > Access
  2. Under Number of invitations per guest, enter the maximum number of invitations that each guest can send

Set the personal invitation email

  1. Go to Registration > Registration Form > Automatic Emails
  2. Click on in front of Personal invitation email to activate this email or click to edit the existing invitation email
  3. Enter a general text
  4. In the editor, go to Personalize and insert the guest’s first and last name personalization tags
  5. In the editor, go to Personalize > Tell-a-friend > Personal message
  6. In the editor, go to Personalize > Buttons or Links > Register
  7. Click on the Save button

Good to know
The personal invitation email must contain the guest's first and last name personalization tags. This way the invitee knows by whom he/she is invited.

Practical tip
Use the personalization tag 'Personal message' via Personalize - Tell-a-friend to display the personal message entered by the guest in the email.

Good to know
For privacy reasons, invitees are not shown in the guest list via the tell-a-friend functionality and personal data in the e-mail logs are anonymized.

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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