Which domain names can I use?


Of course you will want to provide your event website(s) with a clearly recognizable domain name. This radiates reliability and contributes to the brand awareness of your organization and/or event.

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Unique domain name per event website

A unique domain name is registered for each event website, such as www.nameevent.com. You can register the domain name yourself and link it to the event website, or we can do this for you.

General domain name with a subdomain per event website

If you organize several events for which a separate domain name is not required, you can choose one general domain name with a subdomain for each event website. You can choose the subdomain yourself when adding or duplicating an event website. There is no need for any technical knowledge or help from us to set up your domain name.

There are 2 options:

  1. A domain name: www.events-organisation.com/nameevent
  2. A sub domain: events.organisation.com/nameevent
Practical tip
Because no event website is associated with the general domain name, this URL returns an error page. To prevent this, we set a forward so visitors are directed to another web page. Contact support@halito.com to set this up for your Halito! account.
Practical tip
Even if you opt for a general domain name, it is still possible to register a separate domain name for a specific event.

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In this help-article

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