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How do I link hidden information to guests?

It is possible to link extra information to guests without them seeing it. For example, you can import the name of the relationship manager for each guest or make a distinction between employees and external invitees.

Add an internal form field

  1. Go to Registration > Registration Form > Fields
  2. Click on the Add field button or on to edit an existing form field
  3. At Show field on registration form, select the option Visible
  4. At Field visibility, check the Internal field for the administrator check box
  5. Click on the Save button

Follow-up actions

  1. Add the internal information to your guest list
  2. When importing the guest list, map the column in the .csv file to the form field in Halito!
  3. If necessary, personalize the event communication

Good to know
If you want to import a unique attribute, such as a CRM ID, it is not necessary to create a hidden form field for this. Add this information to the guest list and select the 'I want to use unique IDs' option when importing.

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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