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How to add a table

By using a table for, for example, a speakers and/or program page, you ensure a clear presentation of the content on these pages.
  1. Go to Communication > Pages/Campaigns
  2. Add a new page/campaign or click on to edit an existing page/campaign
  3. Place the cursor where you want to add a table
  4. In the editor, go to Table > Table and select the number of columns and rows you need

Good to know
If you set the width of the table in pixels, use a maximum of 1000 pixels for a page on the event website and 560 pixels for an email template.

Practical tip
If necessary, adjust the width of the table and/or columns:
  1. Place the cursor in the top cell of a column
  2. In the editor, go to Table > Cell > Cell Properties
  3. Adjust the width (e.g. 25% or 125 (pixels))
  4. Click on the OK button

If your table consists of two columns, you do not need to set the width of the second column.

Practical tip
Aligning text in a cell can be done both horizontally and vertically:
  1. Place the cursor in the cell whose alignment you want to adjust
  2. In the editor, go to Table > Cell > Cell Properties
  3. Under Align Top, select Top
Practical tip
You can use a table for a nice display of, for example, the program or the speakers, but keep in mind that the use of a table affects the display of your event website on mobile devices. The following tips will help you optimize a table for mobile viewing:
  • Use percentages to set the width of the table and columns
  • Limit the number of columns to two
  • Set the vertical alignment for each cell
  • Avoid using a table

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Last updated

16 November 2022

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