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Notification when limit is reached

Receive an email notification when the maximum number of guests has been reached.

Additional conditions for dynamic segments

The conditions for dynamic segments are extended with the options ‘less than or equal to’, ‘greater than or equal to’ and ‘is empty’.

In development

Campaign to guests on the waiting list

Send an email campaign to guests on the waiting list, so that you can inform them, for example, that physical participation in the event is no longer possible but they can follow the event via a livestream.

Sending a test email

Send an email campaign to a freely entered email address to make testing an email campaign easier.


Notification of undelivered email

Receive an email notification when an email cannot be delivered to the recipient, so you can take action.

Register guest if limit is reached

From the backend of Halito!, add a registration, even though the limit of the number of free places has been reached. This increases the limit by one place, but because you decide to do so yourself, this is allowed.

Automatically expires invitation from the waiting list

Set the time until when a guest can register after receiving an invitation from the waiting list. This gives you more options to actually grant all available places.

Campaign to canceled guests

Send an email campaign to guests who declined the invitation or canceled their registration.

Pre-registration module

Have guests pre-register for your event, where you manually or ad-randomly accept (or reject) them to participate.

Group registration for the waiting list

Allow group registrations to register for the waitlist when an event is fully booked.

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