Event professionals face challenges in their work that require flexibility and creativity. They must therefore be able to count on partners who think along. We work daily to improve the capabilities of Halito! to match the wishes of our users and to surprise them with new features!


Extended group registration

Better visual representation of the overview page on the event website and personal communication per registered guest.

Extended payment-module

Additional options to manage and process payments, including the ability to charge a cancellation fee and add a P.O. number afterwards

Integration Apple wallet & Google Pay‚Äč

Let guests add their personal e-ticket to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay, so that they immediately have their QR code at hand upon arrival at your live event.

External barcodes

Use barcodes that you receive from a third party instead of the barcodes that Halito! generates. That way you have the possibility to communicate via the communication from Halito! use the e-ticket, which can be checked at a location that uses its own barcode system.

In development

Scan app

Scan the guests of your event with a handy app on your smartphone.

Cookie banner

Ask visitors to your event sites to agree to the placement of analytical cookies.

Online learning platform

Discover the possibilities of Halito! with online (video) training. The content of the training courses is suitable for novice users as well as event managers who use Halito! have been using for some time and want to take their event communication to the next level.


Packages & Categories

Divide guests into groups (such as relations, employees and VIPs) and tailor the registration form and event communication to the target group.

Extended notifications

Adjust the notification of new, changed and/or canceled registrations, so that you immediately receive all the information you want.

Group registrations

Register several guests for an event at once, where the guests can choose a personal program and each receive their own e-ticket.

Waiting list

Let invitees sign up for the waiting list once the maximum number of registered guests has been reached. If a registration is canceled then someone from the waiting list can be added to the guest list.

Upload files

Guests can upload files, such as a photo, presentation, or ID, during sign-in.