Event professionals face challenges in their work that require flexibility and creativity. They must therefore be able to count on partners who think along. We work daily to improve the capabilities of Halito! to match the wishes of our users and to surprise them with new features!


PSP as an option for processing payments

When a credit invoice is refunded via the PSP platform, you want to be able to process this refund in Halito!. We add the set PSP to the payment options selection menu, so that you can indicate that the refund has been processed via the PSP.

Crediting a guest invoice that has been deleted

It will be possible to credit the invoice(s) of a guest who has been removed from the guest list. This means that your financial administration is always correct.

Send invoice to an email address

Automate your financial administration by automatically sending every (credit) invoice to a freely configured e-mail address, such as that of your accounting program.

Adjust invoice details

We give you as a user, but also your relationship, the opportunity to generate a new invoice with adjusted invoice data. This makes it very easy to generate an invoice with the correct invoice details if they were initially entered incorrectly.

In development

Calculate cancellation costs

Set a price that guests must pay when they cancel their registration.


Adjust P.O. number on invoices

If the guest has forgotten to add a P.O. number for the invoice, this will be possible afterwards for you as a user and for the guest himself.

External barcodes

Use barcodes that you receive from a third party instead of the barcodes that Halito! generates. That way you have the possibility to communicate via the communication from Halito! use the e-ticket, which can be checked at a location that uses its own barcode system.

Include invoice book name in export invoices

In the export of invoices, a column is added containing the name of the invoice book. This way you easily have the necessary insights.

Extended group registration

Better visual representation of the overview page on the event website and personal communication per registered guest.

Scan app

Scan the guests of your event with a handy app on your smartphone.

Cookie banner

Ask visitors to your event sites to agree to the placement of analytical cookies.

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