What are the differences between a drop-down, radio button and checkbox?


In a registration form, you can use different ways to let guests choose a workshop or indicate how they visit the event.

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A drop-down menu is also known as a checklist and is the most commonly used field type for questions with multiple answers. In the form ‘Make a choice’ is displayed and when the visitor clicks on the field, all options are displayed in a drop-down list.


  • The form field requires little space in the registration form
  • Only one answer can be selected
  • The given answer can be undone by choosing ‘Make a choice’

Radio button

With a radio button, all answers are immediately displayed in the registration form, so the visitor sees all options at a glance. The visitor selects a bullet for one of the answers.


  • All answers are displayed directly below each other
  • Only one answer can be selected
  • When a respondent selects an answer choice, all other answer choices are deselected automatically


The checkbox is a combination of the drop-down and radio button, but with one important difference.


  • All answers are displayed directly below each other
  • You determine the minimum/maximum number of answers that can be given; unlike the list box and radio button, multiple answers can therefore be selected

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