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How do I choose a Payment Service Provider (PSP)?

Are you organizing a paying event and do you want your guests to pay immediately after their registration via credit card, Bancontact, iDEAL, PayPal or Apple Pay? For the execution of payments we work together with Payment Service Providers.

Choose a Payment Service Provider

Carefully consider the different PSPs so that you make the right choice. Pay attention to, among other things, the payment methods that are supported, which setup, license and/or transaction costs are charged, what the term of the agreement is and with what frequency payments are made.

We have an integration with these PSPs

Sign a contract

After you have chosen a Payment Service Provider, you directly conclude a contract in which you record the agreed upon (price) agreements.

Good to know
Because paying with a credit card and Apple Pay involves risks, Payment Service Providers check your application manually. Start on time with choosing and contracting a PSP.

Any questions left?

We think it’s important that your questions are answered properly. So feel free to contact us.

Last updated

15 November 2022

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