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How do I communicate the eventsite offline?

Do you want to promote your event website (also) offline? Make it easy for potential visitors to visit your event website by scanning a QR code.
  1. Open the event website
  2. Copy ( CTRL+ C) the domain name you want to refer visitors to. This can be the homepage, but also another page.
  3. Paste ( CTRL+ V) the domain name into an online QR code generator and generate the QR code
  4. Download the QR code and use it in your offline communication
Practical tip
Websites where you can generate a QR code are for example:
Practical tip
Google Chrome has a built-in QR code generator. The following help article from Google explains how to do this:

Share pages via QR code

Practical tip
If you use Google Tag Manager, it is possible to add tags to the domain name from which you generate a QR code, so that you can measure the success of your offline communication.

Good to know
Once the QR code has been generated, the domain name cannot be modified; the redirect will then no longer work. Therefore, think carefully in advance about the domain name you want to use.

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Last updated

23 November 2022

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