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Can I use emoji?

You can use emoji -or emoticons- to make your event communication more cheerful. But in addition, such a small image also stands out, which can contribute to a higher open rate of e-mail campaigns.
  1. Find an emoji on a website like rocketemoji
  2. Copy the emoji you want to use
  3. Paste the emoji where you want in Halito! ( CTRL+ V)

Good to know
Using emoji doesn't work everywhere. An overview where you can use emoji:

  • Event website
    • On text pages
    • In the footer
    • In the name of the venue (event information)
    • In the title of webinars
    • In the description of webinars
  • Registration form
    • In section titles
    • In the description of a section
    • In the label of form fields
    • In the name and description of workshops
    • In the name of time blocks of workshops
    • In all messages you can set
  • Email campaigns
    • In the name of the sender
    • In the subject line
    • In the content
    • In the footer
  • Surveys
    • In the description of a section

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Last updated

13 December 2021

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