How to register a domain name

To each event site you link a recognizable domain name. There are various options for this, usually involving the registration of a new domain name.

We register the domain name

  1. Send a mail to and specify:
    • Which domain name you want to use
    • To which event website the domain name should be linked
    • Whether the domain name should be automatically renewed or be canceled after 1 year
    • Whether you want to use a mailbox and if so, with which e-mail address
    • Optional: which P.O. number we should state on our invoice
  2. We register the domain name, link the domain name to the event website, set SPF records and, if necessary, create the mailbox. In short: we do all the technical settings so that you can focus on setting up the event website.
  3. We will inform you as soon as the domain name is registered

You register the domain name yourself

  1. Register the desired domain name with your hosting provider
  2. Link the domain name to the event website or inform us at if the domain name should be linked to your Halito! account
Good to know!
A domain name must meet the following requirements:
  • The domain name must be unique. If you are organizing an annual event, it is wise to include the year in the domain name (such as
  • Use only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens (-)
Practical tip!
Any domain name can be used in Halito!, if available or already registered by your organization. You can check whether a domain name is available on one of the following websites:

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