Release 22.5.0

The one with the new design

At your job you have to deal with challenges that require flexibility and creativity. That’s why you have to be able to count on friends who think along. Today we surprise you with new features in Halito!.

New backend design of Halito!

We present a completely new design for the backend of Halito!. The formatting and terms are now consistent throughout the platform and at the same time lay a foundation for the formatting of features that we will develop.

Integration Webinargeek

In the automatic confirmation email, a personal watch link to NEP/Webinargeek will be added for your online event. This way you know exactly which guests have actually participated.

Easily manage your guest list with segments

Make your communication more personal than ever before! Create powerful dynamic segments based on guest status, previously received campaigns, webinar participation, on-site registration, and any other available data.

Waiting list

Once the total limit has been reached, invitees can register for the waiting list. If a place becomes available, you simply send an invitation to the interested parties so that they can register for your event.

Group Registrations

If you are organizing a conference where the secretary registers several colleagues or, for example, a family day for the whole family, you can use a group registration.

Allow guests to upload files

Give guests the option to upload one or more files during registration. Ask speakers to upload their presentation, guests for a photo or completed document, … The possibilities are endless!

And we're not done yet...

Login page with a personal invitation

From now on, guests who receive a personal invitation will go directly to the registration form. So they no longer need to log in.

Integration Ingenico

For your paying event, use the Payment Service Provider Ingenico and let guests pay online immediately after registration - for example via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card.

Import guest list

Importing guests can now be done easily on the 'Guest list' page. Click on the 'add' button and choose whether you want to add a guest manually or import a guest list.

Improved performance

You must be able to rely on a platform. We have implemented optimizations so that you can continue to work on your event communication without any worries.

Improved live scanning module

From now on you have more insight into the live scanning of your event through more extensive and new statistics. Moreover, the ease of use for the host(ess) has increased, so the attention is really focused on your guest.

Extension API

Our public API has been extended so that the live scanning can also be done via another platform.