If you want to apply the privacy law (AVG / GDPR) strictly, you need permission from everyone on the photos you want to publish. This makes it practically impossible to publish photos of your event. We can therefore reject this conclusion, but always consider:

  • When guests go to an event, they can assume that photos will be taken (and therefore also used). They should therefore not be shocked that this is happening. You can inform guests about this in various ways. Mention in advance that photos are taken; for example on the event site, in the confirmation email and / or on the e-ticket. You can also provide posters that mention this when you enter the event
  • Limit yourself to photos that give an impression of (the atmosphere of) the event
  • Shield the photo page on the event site
  • If a guest contacts us with a request to delete a photo, please do so immediately


Handige tip!
In het registratieformulier kan je toestemming vragen foto's te maken tijdens het event. Op basis van de antwoorden besluit je vervolgens helemaal geen foto's te maken of ervoor te zorgen dat gasten die geen toestemming geven niet in beeld komen.

It is important that the permission you ask for must be specific, such as: "After the event, we will publish a number of photos for our relations to enjoy." This makes it clear for what purpose the photos are used. Using the photos for other purposes is not allowed.

Kom je er toch niet helemaal uit? Melissa helpt je graag verder via +32 33614801 of support@halito.com.

Dit help-artikel is het laatst aangepast op 1 January 2020. Door de constante ontwikkeling van Halito! kan het voorkomen dat de uitleg niet exact overeenkomt met de realiteit. Laat het ons gerust even weten als dit help-artikel niet correct is, zodat we het kunnen aanpassen.