Til jouw event communicatie naar een hoger niveau
Niet alle functionaliteiten zijn standaard geactiveerd in Halito!. Wil je jouw account uitbreiden met de betaalmodule, neem dan contact op via support@halito.com.

If you organize an event where guests can pay online and if you use Ingenico, the steps below help with the configuration.


Set up Ingenico account

  1. Log in to Ingenico
  2. Go to Configuration> Technical Settings
  3. Set the following parameters


General transaction parameters

  • Standard operation code: sale
  • Standard data capture (payment) procedure: Data capture by the merchant (manual or automatic)
  • Payment attempts: you determine the number yourself (often 10)
  • Individual transaction processing: online but switch to offline when the acquirer's online system is not available

General security parameters

  • Hash algorithm: SHA-1
  • Character encoding: use the character encoding expected in the original transaction request (depending on the URL invoked)

Payment page

  • Decide whether or not you want to hide the 'Cancel' button
  • Leave URL fields blank

Verification dates and origin

  • Verification for e-Commerce: the domain name of the event site
  • SHA-IN signature (both for Verification for e-Commerce and for Verification for DirectLink): choose the same password twice
  • IP address: leave empty

Transaction feedback

  • eCommerce
    • HTTP redirection in the browser
      • Leave all urls empty, these will be filled in by Halito!
      • Check "I want to receive the feedback parameters of the transactions on the redirection URLs"
      • Check "I want Ingenico to show a short redirect message to the customer before sending it back to my website"
  • Direct HTTP server-to-server request
    • Request type: online
    • URL: enter https://api.production.halito.com/payment/ingenico/ <PARAMVAR> twice
    • Request method: GET
  • Dynamic e-Commerce parameters
    • A number of parameters are mandatory and are selected by default
  • Alias Gateway and Tokenization
    • Dynamic parameters: no setting required
  • General
    • Check "I want Ingenico to show a" processing "message to the customer while processing the payment." On
    • Check "" I want Ingenico to re-initiate the "end of transaction" (post-payment request / redirection) process if necessary. "
  • All transaction modes
    • Security for the request parameters
      • SHA-1-OUT Signature: enter the same password as for SHA-IN
    • HTTP request for status changes
      • Request type: for all offline status changes (payment, cancellation …)
      • URL: https://api.production.halito.com/payment/ingenico/ <PARAMVAR>
    • DirectLink
      • Dynamic parameters: no setting required

Transaction emails
Free to set

Test info
Free to set


Set the payment methods

  1. Set the payment methods
  2. Enter the following information
    • ID
    • Key
  3. Select the test or live mode


Testing, testing, testing

When testing the online payment, enter one of the following dummy card numbers:

  • Visa: 4111111111111111
  • MasterCard: 5555555555554444
  • American Express: 378282246310005

Kom je er toch niet helemaal uit? Melissa helpt je graag verder via +32 33614801 of support@halito.com.

Dit help-artikel is het laatst aangepast op 1 January 2020. Door de constante ontwikkeling van Halito! kan het voorkomen dat de uitleg niet exact overeenkomt met de realiteit. Laat het ons gerust even weten als dit help-artikel niet correct is, zodat we het kunnen aanpassen.