Via Register> Guest list you can find an overview of all guests in the database of the event site. From this page you have a number of options to manage the guest list.


View the status

  • The column below shows whether the guest replied to the invitation:
    • Green ball: answered (and paid)
    • Red dot: not answered
    • White-orange ball: pending: the registration is not complete
    •  the invitation was declined
    •  the guest has registered but has not yet paid
  • The column below shows whether the guest was present or absent from the event:
    • Green ball: present
    • Red dot: absent


View data

You choose which details of the guests are displayed. You set this as follows:

  1. Go to Invite> Registration Form
  2. Select the 'Configuration' tab and then 'Form fields'
  3. Click to edit the form field you want to display in the overview
  4. Check (or off) the option 'Show this field in Manage guest list'
  5. Click on the button 'Save and close'

Some general information is displayed by default:

  • The email address
  • The language
  • The date the guest was imported, added manually, or registered on the event site
  • The date on which the last change to the data occurred


Handige tip!
Je kan een kolom sorteren door op de kolomtitel te klikken. Druk nogmaals op de kolomtitel om de sortering om te draaien.


Take actions

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