Before you send an email campaign definitively, send it to yourself (and some colleagues) as a test. That way you check whether the layout is in order, the personalization is correct and the communication and registration flow runs smoothly.


Add yourself to the guest list

  1. Go to Register> Guest List
  2. Click on the button "Add"
  3. Fill in all the form fields used as personalization in the email campaign
  4. Also fill in the (mandatory) form fields "Language", "Reply", "Unsubscribed to e-mails" and "E-mail address"
  5. Click on the button "Save and close"


Send the email campaign to yourself

  1. Go to Invite> Campaigns
  2. Click for an existing campaign, or add a new campaign
  3. Select at 'When do you want to send this mailing?' for now'
  4. Select at 'Who do you want to send the mailing to?' for 'Custom list'
  5. Enter your own email address (the search will start automatically) and check the box for your name
  6. If necessary, repeat the previous step if you want to send the test email to several colleagues
  7. Click on the 'Send' button
  8. Click on the 'Yes' button in the popup window

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Dit help-artikel is het laatst aangepast op 1 January 2020. Door de constante ontwikkeling van Halito! kan het voorkomen dat de uitleg niet exact overeenkomt met de realiteit. Laat het ons gerust even weten als dit help-artikel niet correct is, zodat we het kunnen aanpassen.