You naturally want to provide a clear domain name for every event site you create. There are a number of options for this, in most cases a new domain name must be registered.


Handige tip!
De voorwaarden voor een goede domeinnaam zijn:
    • The domain name must be unique; the same domain name cannot be used more often. If you organize a family day every year, it is wise to include the year in the domain name (such as
    • Use only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens
    • Avoid spaces and other punctuation marks


Handige tip!
Iedere domeinnaam is te gebruiken in Halito!, mits beschikbaar of reeds door jouw organisatie geregistreerd. Of een domeinnaam beschikbaar is controleer je op de volgende websites:


We register the domain name

The costs for registering, setting up and managing a domain name are 35 euros (excluding VAT) per year.
  1. Contact us at and indicate:
    • Which domain name you wish to register
    • To which event site the domain name should be linked
    • Whether the domain name should be automatically renewed or canceled after 1 year
    • Whether you also want to use a mailbox and if so, with which e-mail address
    • Optional: which PO number we have to mention on our invoice
  2. We register the domain name in your name and possibly create the mailbox, link the domain name to your event site and set SPF records. In short: we do all technical settings, so you can focus on realizing your event site.
  3. We will inform you as soon as the domain name is registered


You register the domain name yourself

  1. Register the desired domain name with your hosting provider
  2. Link the domain name to your event site or inform us at if the domain name needs to be linked to your Halito! Account

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